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Ok how cheap is it to reply to your own post?

Well somebody recently told me they could sell me a life insurance policy to the tune of $20k.

Hey man, you can buy me, my posessions and my animals OUTRIGHT for $20k today. Fact is I'm not worth that much. But I can do something else. By trying out my stories here and on other boards I have something more than science. I know how to make you laugh or cry. It's RAW POWER like on the highest orders. I can make you laugh and I can make you cry. Know what else I know? When I do that you get stronger.

I can do something more devious. Underhanded. Just plain nasty. I can make you ANGRY. And what's even worse, as an activist I happen to know that when you are sitting down I can't move your heavy ass. When I get you to stand up in rage then you are off balance and I can move you as easy as an exhaled breath. I can manipulate you with my fingertips and before you know what you were doing to assert yourself, you find you are in a trap that you can't get out of.

What shall we call "suasion" my friend? I have some utilitarian thoughts on the subject. But for me it really gets down to motive. And I got ears for that. You, my friend, bring truth to the table. It has a certain ring. For an academic all things are truth once proved by our epistomology; trial and error, controlled experiment and acceptance of authority.

Your freedom, I sense lies in stepping out of this paradigm and then....

and then.....

when you have your batteries properly armed,


In essence what I say is you don't have to have a nuke....yet. Just set them up for the grand take down.

Just one option. And don't give up. Just don't give up. As my unlcle Jim Joe Duke once said, "you don't worry if they know karate you just take your shibbet and kick their abbsesses (sic)".

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.