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I'm sorry you see the truth as negative.

I simply made a statement and asked a question. But I will answer your assumption and question as simple and straight forward as possible.

First your assumption that I am accusing him of comparing himself to Christ. I was simply trying to make it clear for anyone else who is reading regardless of the OPs intentions that his partial fast and Scriptural fasting are different and since he proclaimed he fasted for forty days I felt it necessary to clarify. Nothing more.

And your question about the golden calf. I assume you know the story of the golden calf so again to clarify. The Israelites did what they thought was good in their own eyes by making the golden calf as a symbol of "The LORD" instead of heeding "The LORDs" Command. They even called the calf "The LORD". There are many who do things that THEY think are good and claim it is of "The LORD" but in fact it is their own personal golden calf and "HE" will have the same response as "HE" did with the Israelites.

I was just curious if the OP kept "The LORDs" commanded fast or just the fast of the catholic cult. Because I disagree with your statement that any fast for any reason is recognized by "The LORD".