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Comment: Maybe some day, somewhere there will really be an immaculate...

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Maybe some day, somewhere there will really be an immaculate...

... money fountain (IMF). A silver sparkling mountain. A shining precious metal mountain shall be a site to behold.

Any word on where or when?

Halley's Comet is predictable. Perhaps an IMF might be as well?

Secial bonus introductions:

Met Edmond Halley - 1656-1742, the British Royal Princess Anne... Click here for "The Eye of the Beholder: An Editorial.

Let us look to the answer of the age old question, "Will I be rich?"

    A reporter recently asked me if I felt that anyone got rich on Halley’s Comet. I doubt it very much. I know for a fact that several entrepreneurs lost a great deal of money and are stuck with stacks of T-shirts, books, key chains, coins and other products. Others probably broke even, and a few made a modest profit. But overall, I doubt that there were any big financial winners. Those who claim otherwise have to be suspect, based on our experience. HCW ’86 was the first to enter the market with Comet products and at one point had the largest number of products available for sale. Its backers lost a bundle!

Happy hunting!

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