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Comment: How can it explain anything?

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How can it explain anything?

Federal Reserve Act of 1913

An Act To provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency,

US Dollar Priced in Gold.

A Dollar is defined as 371 4/16 grains of Silver. That's about 56x10^20 Silver atoms.

I use an elastic tape measure on all my building projects. Would you hire me?

When the butcher puts is thumb on the scale, how can I explain that my purchase doesn't measure up?

Until the fraud is admitted, silly analyses will prevail.

The Fiat bubble popped in 2000, Priced in Gold:
GDP has lost 79% since 2001
DJI has lost 92% since 1999

Wages are at 1939 levels.
Household Net Worth at 1957 levels.
House prices are below 1890 levels.

Free includes debt-free!