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reading the instructions is chilling.

1) We can advise you of how we are going to Jack you up.
2 We can help you get rid of all your stuff.
3) We can provide you with a nice internment camp for your convenience.
4) We can give you a ride to the nice internment camp.

Any questions?

When I watch these old films about the Nazis on the (revisionist) History Channel, I wonder to myself how a whole nation could come under such a spell. The same thing basically happened here but with the Japanese.
I guess the one thing we can be thankful for is the availability of the internet to spread information in a rapid manner. (even though it is a double edged sword) That is why they most likely will shut it down if something like this happens again. Think of how most of the Nation depended on newspapers and newsreels for their info. I'd like to say that I would have been one of the ones to help break you out of there, but I would have probably been one of the rest of the dupes at the mercy of the media.
This Sandy Hook event is somewhat of a blessing in disguise in the sense that it is causing more and more people to inquire and become less trusting of the Govt. and media. I think many are beginning to see how the Hegelian Dialectic is being used on them. They're turning away from the dinosaur forms of media and tuning into something else. Hopefully that will be of some benefit.