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He agrees with Dr. Paul to a point, but unfortunately

as most people are, he's not fully awake(or at least he can't appear to be awake). He's also just the host of the show - regardless what the name of the show is or who the executive producer is. The show is a comedy show based on politics and regardless of how or what we, or even the host would want aired, the simple fact is that it needs to get "green-lighted" by the people in power. If the show is to the disliking of the higher ups, Stewart gets replaced, or the show gets cancelled, end of story. Then what was accomplished? Getting some other neo-con comedian to host a show that most likely will never utter one of OUR elected officials names/causes unless it's to simply make fun of him and make him/her look stupid?

So far, Stewart & Colbert have made many a politician look like fools. Have they done that to Ron Paul? No. Have they gone on other shows and defended and promoted him for no personal gain whatsoever? Yes.

Sadly, the public masses are still not ready for someone to question many of our topics(vaccines, hemp, fluoride), and still take them seriously.