Comment: You hit on an extremely important point.

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You hit on an extremely important point.

All of this " nations being 'good guy' or 'bad guy' " goes completely against what Ron Paul believes and has taught us because it is the epitome of COLLECTIVISM.

Non-collectivists know that people are INDIVIDUALS. There are good ones, bad ones and every shade in between in every nation, every year in history, every race and every religion.

And according to Ron Paul, that is how you approach people, treat people and understand people AND nations, i.e. a collection of INDIVIDUALS all of whom are necessarily different.

Watch for the tell-tail signs of collectivization. There is a suprising amount of it here on DP even among those who claim to be libertarian, particularly when it comes to the subject of Israel or Jews.

If you see collectivization you may know instantaneously it is false.