Comment: Bipolarity.

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You cannot disregard out of hand the bipolarity of scripture.

The bible is also the bible of satanists. However, they view God as Satan and Satan as God.

What we normally read as "the antichrist" is their christ.

Hence, you are absolutely correct that Revelations WILL be used by bad guys.

What a believer in truth needs to know is how to distinguish the truth of what bad guys are saying and good guys are saying when both side claim to be good guys.

This is an important point because if you choose wrong, you may end up in the wrong place EVEN IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE CHOOSING RIGHT, but failed to choose right in your ignorance.

The reason is that the Teacher has already been sent and crucified who gave you instructions on how to tell the difference. If your own ego or self-delusion causes you to misinterpret that teaching and you end up on the wrong side, I pray for your soul. The worst thing is you'll think you're on the side of the righteous not the evil. The adversary is indeed the prince of deception. That is his plan for you.

Only through total submission to God and Christ will you be able to see through the lies, deceptions, and SELF-deceptions cast by the adversary and his followers, many of whom you may know well and be close to.