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Traditions vary

Celtic traditions include "handfasting" - sort of a 1 year trial marriage. Ideally, no pregnancies would occur until after that year, and then a real wedding would be held.
Marriages also used to happen much closer in time to sexual maturity. To take hormone infused teenagers, expose them to Lady Gaga and Brittney Spears and then tell them "Now stay a virgin" is not realistic. We have to make young girls respect their mothers and grandmothers more than Hollywood's whore-of-the-moment. We earn that respect by loving our imperfect children.
If you look into Native American traditions, you will find that most tribes held women in high esteem. While the tradition of "Shaman healers" is much discussed, the role of women herbalists is also well defined in many tribal traditions. It was often not a case of a tribal woman, but the position of the eldest woman in each family clan of the tribe.
Here is the Lakota tradition of preparing a girl for womanhood:
For the record, I am not trying to pretend that all things Indian are perfect, just trying to give you some examples.
Many of the women burned as "witches" are merely herbalists, trying to follow their traditions. And if you think that is old history, here is some VERY disturbing recent footage for you. Be warned, it is exactly what the title says:
"Witches burned alive in Kenya, Africa **GRAPHIC!**"

You nailed it. Wise women healed with herbs, things out of their garden and that they gathered locally. They handed information down generation to generation. In a system where BIG profits are to be made by charging tuition and controlling the entire paradigm of "healthcare" to make people turn to a pill from a doctor for EVERYTHING... that is one of the many "rewards" the evil ones reaped when they destroyed family values.

Don't you ever worry about bumping heads with me. I see your shiny little spirit in there. I'll get over, around or through any differences when the chips are down and I know you'll do the same.

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