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...the only point I might differ with you on is whether that 'eternal home' will always be occupied. I don't think God's love and will to redeem those who have rejected Him somehow arbitrarily expires at death. If all things in Creation, whether in heaven or on earth, are to be reconciled through Christ (Colossians 1), I believe God will accomplish his will to do this eventually. My 'old man' has already been crucified and buried in Christ, and is being transformed into the new. I don't see God's justice and wrath abandoning this ultimate redemptive purpose for anyone. It just may take some eons of wandering.

Otherwise, it will be kind of sad that there is always a scar on creation, some pocket of evil that is merely contained -- settling for a situation that is less good than the original state of the creation. I believe the end of the story is truly good! :)