Comment: Dude If You Think That Bottled Water is Good Water

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Dude If You Think That Bottled Water is Good Water

You REALLY need to watch FLOW "For The Love Of Water". It is in several parts but I can tell you that bottled water is no better than tap and sometimes it's worse. There is nobody monitoring what the companies put in the water they sell and aside from that most of your flavored waters are just artificial flavors with food coloring added. (Including lots of RED #40) In FLOW it showed how a fancy restaurant in California or somewhere asked some customers what kind of fancy bottled water they wanted with lunch and they ordered 7.00 a bottle name brand waters that they SWORE up and down tasted SO much better than tap. Well the waiter took 2 bottles out back to the patio and filled them with water out of the hose and recapped them. Then when he served them they went on about how GREAT the water was. Hahahaha! So while you are busy fasting maybe you can find time to watch the video. It's quite informative.