Comment: I don't know if you've seen it

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I don't know if you've seen it

These are my friends. This was a "possible domestic dispute" - a bogus call from an unfriendly neighbor.

Do you have any idea what your neighbor is charged with? Because you need to understand the nature of "terrorism." The victim that night was not your neighbor, it was your neighborhood. A nice display of force was put on, and now everyone in your neighborhood knows that if they do anything out of line, they can expect this kind of treatment. No one ever thinks to ask - "Is this OK?" It does not sound like your neighbor was dangerous or resistant, it sounds like other stories I have heard where "law enforcement" showed up to a non-violent situation and brought potential violence with THEM. The net effect is an entire neighborhood that is probably a little more compliant today than they were last week.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.