Comment: On the most crusial point - the basis for The War on Guns

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On the most crusial point - the basis for The War on Guns

The editor has been able to make himself believe in the the REPORTED victims part of this story - some relevant comments:

elbuggo 17 hours ago

2:56:22 - This is a gatekeeper video. The Sandy Hook Hoax operation management is trying to lead the opposition with this video. The problem is that it is accepting the far most important issue in this hoax, namely that the victims are real. That is the biggest and most important lie in the whole operation. The lie is short: man with guns killed kids. This video is supporting that lie.

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Mark Howitt 1 hour ago

If you can prove, without a shadow of doubt that no victims were killed then I will gladly make a new documentary supporting your evidence. However, after filtering a MASSIVE amount of unproveable disinfo and claims, considering all facts of reality, I firmly believe that people died at this shooting. There are too many people involved for them all to be actors. Go to Newtown, you will see. Its a perfectly designed psy-Op to divide the people who know it was an inside job. Divide-Conquer!

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So even with no credible victim family members, absolutely not a single tear to be seen anywhere, Photoshopped victims, etc, in some way or another, the REPORTED victims part of the story is real.

Have in mind that it is very dangerous to believe in fake victims - let Nayirah again illustrate this:

How many times are we going to be fooled by this simple trick? Every time and all the time, forever?

The purpose with this operation is to have people believe that "man with guns killed kids". If they accept this part, everything is fine with the operation management. The rest of this story isn't important at all. That (the fiction) the government screwed up again? Doesn't matter at all. Everyone already knows that this is usual anyway.

Then they will have created a basis for the new War on Guns, etc.

Be careful with what you believe in.