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another exchange...

He texted (1/2)By and large all assimilating and all contributing to the greatness of America made possible by the political framework that is the genius of the U S (2/3) Constitution. Welcome to America. If your concern is doctrine you may be missing your calling. A waste of your talents and energies.

I responded;

The Constitution is an ABSOLUTE framework that LIMITS the government, like, having the Executive Branch(with a complicit "hands off" Congress) abdicate it's duty to protect our Bill of Rights....your deflecting from the REAL issue that you take your cues from liars and thieves that shroud themselves in external religiosity; to wit, you err as a "patriotic citizen" in your BLIND TRUST of radio voices and politicians and study NONE of these things beyond the surface -so wishy-washy majority opinion and idle threats of "we outnumber you, so get with the program" is what is childish. You're basically a moron - get the definition before you tell me I "lose the debate" because of name-calling.