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Jesus in his MERCY

I am not Jesus and while some may see my fast as extremem, I can not do as Jesus did, but rather, have FAITH that he will protect me, and help me do my best with the fast I have chosen.

I will be observing Lent, where for many, they will not eat meat, and only fish on Fridays. It is interesting how vegetarian Catholics are in their fasting.

There are many kinds of fasts, what kind is not so important, but completing the fast for 40 days. I like ut because it's not so extreme as a New Years Resolution, and I like it because everyone is suffering together, so we can draw stregth and hope from each other.

Already on this thread I'm dropping sugar-free gun for natural gum.

I don't know what you mean by a golden calf. Fasting is not for everyone. If you would like to try by giving up something you really really like, maybe like too much, please join us.