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Comment: Will that still give credit to Daily Paul?

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Will that still give credit to Daily Paul?

My real problem is that I found a cardstock flyer that I picked up in Tampa last August advertising a forthcoming book titled "The Mouse that Roared; the Ron Paul Revolution" by Doug Wead and Jack Hunter. It was a card that you were supposed to fill out and give to someone at a table I guess. has which is not a claimed web address. Billed at $14.95 as a pre-order. Maybe it didn't happen. The closest I can find to this on an internet search is Doug Weads blog posts (which I imagine where going to be a large part of the content).

I would mostly just like a recap GOOD book on what the 2012 Ron Paul run for president and all the gory details state to state till Tampa. Was an Oregon delegate and want a little history book from my experience to have my kids read(which is still going on locally). There is still value in applying the story to today and beyond. As Doug Wead wrote, "The fact is that a successful run for president is the only way to reform the GOP and the only way to take control of the party and the only way to get new congressmen elected. People will only get off the ground if they are shooting at the moon. They need the inspiration of a big dream."