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He wants too.... what he is

He wants too.... what he is doing is trying to get a bill passed. It's called practical politics. Rand created a Fox News talking point of not aiding the enemies.

Cutting aid to everyone won't pass, so why not go country by country and try to drum up support for cutting aid to each one individually. It is now a MSM rep talking point to end giving aid to egypt. Go watch O'reilly, Hannity, and Greta and they are all constantly bringing this up.

See Rand is trying to push his ideas into the mainstream media.

Why not try to get things passed instead of just debating things like Ron Paul did forever. Don't get me wrong, Ron Paul is amazing and he forever changed my life, but he never got anything done. Rand is trying to get things done by going step by step.

This is a very smart strategy and is exactly what I would be doing if I was in the Senate.