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Powerful Political Economy


I've started one of five readings of the book project (my goal is 5 readings) and it looks like your additions help greatly in setting the stage and making the book readable (from my biased viewpoint), but I have other things to do and I keep monitoring this forum until I can find a better interactive news source.

This topic is a very competitive, powerful, front line, place on the Liberty versus Legal Crime Power Struggle as many competitors are figuring out ways to use the scarce power available and turn the power supply into a state of abundance.

The same obvious measures of the same Power Struggle, in my opinion, shows up in that link where people are returning to an agricultural mindset, an agrarian society, and I'll drop in there and post a link to the Modular Vertical Farming Unit link.

The link at the top of the page offers another POWER angle of view, a viewpoint that I do not endorse unreservedly (due to nebulous reference to Washington, Lincoln, and F D Roosevelt, but that discussion, or speech, by those people in that link hit on the concept of Power in abundance, and why we as a species aught to figure out how to get from here to there.

If you have time and you check out that link, leave a response, I think there is in that subject matter much in the way of a second discussion book if we are of a mind, on the same page, to be prepared for another book, just in case our first book gains currency, and therefore our first book justifies a sequel.

Here is another link that may be showing up just at the right time:

Gaining currency is a measure of power. Again, on the link to the speech by Lyndon Larouch deals with POWER and that video starts out with some interesting news on the current battle against Obama and Bernanke, as those two are identified (accurately in my opinion) as flunkies for the Empire (World Reserve Currency POWER), and that is additional information worthy of note added to the information spoken of later concerning risk and PLANS to avoid those risks. The false capitalists, in my opinion, are going to be shooting that messenger, for the same reason messengers have always be shot, and I prefer to listen to, and employ, the accurate parts of the message, while discarding those parts of the message that are patently false.

No one is perfect (humankind), but the message having to do with power are worth knowing, if not the methods by which that power is gained.