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You just called Raimondo progressive!!! :D

Either you are just intellectually shallow or lack character (dishonest). Nobody could be further from a progressive than Raimondo.

Please elaborate on how Raimondo is in any way a progressive. Name one single issue Raimondo and Ron Paul disagree on. Name a progressive personality or organization that Raimondo sold out to? Name a single progressive philosophy that Raimondo has adopted, moved towards or suggested any degree of capitulation with.

Do you even know what a progressive is? Do you even realize that the neocons Rand is sanitizing himself for CLAIM PROGRESSIVE TRADITION as their own? Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Wilson?

Raimondo could not be more opposite of a progressive. The only people less govt interventionist with regards to the economy. social and cultural issues, and foreign policy than Raimondo are libertarian anarchists.

Do you even know what a libertarian is?

Twelve Steps to Admitting Neoconservatism is Progressivism

Neo Conservatives: A Progressive Wolf in Conservative Sheep's Clothing

The Neoconservative Mind
"This change was not the decline of traditional conservatism but the rise of neoconservatism – which is not really conservatism at all, but the jingoistic mirror image of progressivism. The neoconservatives support spending massive and unnecessary amounts of money on the military, engaging in useless foreign wars, and the erosion of individual rights and the expansion of government via state security apparatuses."

It is Rand that is selling out to the progressives!

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