Comment: Round 3....(how am I doing, gang?)

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Round 3....(how am I doing, gang?)

He says:

A LOT of name calling in your argumentation. Perhaps that is why you are so drawn to chat rooms and the Daily Paul type forums. They way I see it you have two paths available: join hands with the ultra libertarian Ron Paul guys, or preach the Gospel and see how many converts can be won. I remain an at peace ecumenicalist. At least for now.

I.e. the Ron Paul movement is limited government/limited spending, anti-war movement -PERIOD. Lose the God stuff.

And I answered;
Nice cannot substantiate any of your defenses/definitions of our nation's new STATE religion; born of the ecumenism you speak so highly of....American Exceptionalism....which teaches this haughty attitude against self-education of those who sense fraud and cronyism and hypocrisy, and thereby refute the unfounded, slanderous conjecture about where Ron Paul's domestic and foreign policy positions actually derive from forget/ignore,as do your Judeo-Christian pseudo-ethicists who make merchandise out of gullible unlearned people like you, that...Ron Paul was a CHRISTIAN Statesman, moreso in the likes of Barry Goldwater and a Ronald Reagan than you guys can your 11th commandment of the Republican Party that demands Ron Paul support the nominee; and bring your ecumenical arguments to DEFEAT him/his ilk as a loon; but, should you accept the challenge... be prepared to debate the philosophical origins and even religious doctrinal positions behind BOTH your positions, and, your conjecture about what right-wing talk radio and all state-run media conservative outlest have told you his positions are - as they seemingly conflict with THE American Exceptionalism you claim to understand and support.

He responded:
Wow. Your fingers never tire. And I knew it would start out with "Nice try," Ha ha!!

To which I said;
You still started something you can't finish....defend choosing party over principles...which is to say(by BOTH Republicans and Obama), "this is the way things are, and will remain, post 9/ with it...."

Same ol George.W. Bush "you're either with us, or you are against us" false choice, no debate, used in a Star Wars movie also to propagandize the masses.

What say you?