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cannabis grows very differently than lettuce, and you claim to be in a state where it is legal, then space shouldn't always be an issue. Many times in an "illegal" state, freestanding or wall hanging vertical gardens are used to maximize the use of minimal lights and energy used to cool the room. They will use several small cuttings and arrange them around the light. This lower wattage approach is done with hopes of not alerting the power company. Google "sea of green technique."

In a state where legal restrictions are less, one would typically use individual pots or containers as the root ball needs to be as big as possible. The bigger the roots, the bigger the fruit/flower.

So if one were legally allowed to grow say 10 plants max for personal use, one would want to make those plants as large as they possibly could rather than getting the same out 100 tiny plants.
(which would be illegal, if that makes any sense)

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