Comment: The Japanese internment was irrational war hysteria

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The Japanese internment was irrational war hysteria

In school we were taught that FDR was one of the greatest presidents, as I read history now, its clear he was more dictator than president. Now I have come to question many things that were taught to us about history. They say history is written by the victors, I'm finding that to be the truth.

The flat out genocide of the American Indians, by President Jackson. The destruction of the south with Shermans march to the sea, by President Lincoln. The involvement in WWI by Wilson, causing the treaty of versailles that laid the ground work for WWII. The use of nuclear bombs on Japan was not necessary for victory and the Korean war by President Truman. The horrible and misguided Vietnam war by President Johnson.

That's American history, I would hope by now we could learn from our mistakes.