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That is correct

And I eat at the best self serve place in the world 98% of the time, my home. I took my wife out to eat for our anniversary and left a nice gratuity that was about 20% by estimate and I may eat at that place again on one of those rare 2% occasions in future but I would never eat at this restaurant if they are going to propose to speak for me as to how well I like their service. You can cry about wages all you want but that is just political maneuvering that has come to surround the subject. Tips are a "Gratuity" that have to some become entitlement.

I don't have a problem with leaving a tip but I will not be coerced into leaving one at some set percentage and I dang sure am not going to leave a tip if the waitstaff is shytty.

As far as the rest of what went on I have no firm opinion one way or the other because I don't know all the circumstances.