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The "Laws of Economics" become totally distorted once you have fabricated paper-instruments, and a fractional-reserve-lending type of system that is superimposed over gold & silver.

And no, the manipulators are doing quite well here. All the financial elites from Alan Greenspan to the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds to Morgan, etc. are rich beyond your wildest dreams (and mine).

It ordinary Americans that have ended badly.
And it's ordinary American Life that has ended very badly.

The controllers are doing just fine, in fact they've never had as much total, absolute control as they do today.

Our World is not based on "Economic Law", it is based on Economic Manipulation.

Not even shortages will stop that when manipulations, crisis, and paper gimmicks can be easily created at the snap of a finger, before, during, and after shortages. Price fixing will persist.

It's a rigged casino, and the House always wins.