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I'll look at those links and see if I can come up with something competitive to say lol :)

"and I prefer to listen to, and employ, the accurate parts of the message, while discarding those parts of the message that are patently false."

My training is to see red when I see anything false and turn the whole thing down. So, I don't know the difference between true and false messages when mixed in a lot of cases because I have never been interested in some of this stuff. Not knowing how to discern is a big problem for me. Like here, someone gave me this website today to look at: I don't know if it is good, bad or mixed. I don't know. Will you look and tell me what you see. (That person also told me to look at the Leuchter Report which denies Auschitz). I am not a holocaust denier. What do you think about the subject. I'll try not to get sidetracked on that, if you can just give me a simple answer, about what you think. I'll go where you are directing me and look there to see if I can come up with anything intelligent :)

I think my dad used to look at Lyndon Larouch's stuff. "False Capitalists" would those be involuntary capitalists?