Comment: There's No Law

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There's No Law

I believe a person of justice and good conscience acts appropriately out of respect for our fellow humans and reverences for God (or nature). There is no law that one must tip, but if you are older than 12 and ever had a job or friends that have had jobs... you probably are friends with a waiter/waitress.

It is common knowledge that servers are paid roughly $2.00 an hour and make their living from tips. It's just rude behavior. Being sure to treat your "christian" brothers whilst shafting the poor working waitress is not walking in the light of the lord. I tend to remember Christ talking about raising up the least among us.

There is a clear line between legality and morality. Just because I think this pastor is an ass doesn't mean I want the State involved. I'll just label her an ass, and root for the girl to get hired again. End of my involvement in this one historical event.... keyboard commentating