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It just isn't true

We had nothing to do with creating the Taliban. They didn't exist until years after the soviets withdrew. If anything, we are to blame for discontinuing our aid when they needed it most. They were a defensive militia responding to mujahideen excesses that got power hungry and slaughtered their own people. I have no idea why you think we finance Al Qaeda, other than the obvious war on drugs. None of those vehicles are particularly serious, and it wouldn't take you long on wikipedia or global security if you wanted nomenclature and performance statistics. The pics are of a stryker, MRAPs, and a weird looking BRDM.

Is Afghanistan's problem foreign intervention? Hell yes, from the world writ large since the dawn of man. There's absolutely no need to defend the last ten years, and there's also absolutely no need to pretend that the military as a whole is the guilty party and not the policy makers and voters who approved and sent us into these situations. If I'm guilty of anything, it's loyalty to the citizens of this country. And you know what, maybe the Navy is completely out of it's gourd, but you should be happy that that's what they aspire to be. The answer might just be more education and openness, not infighting and threats of war-tribunals that will never happen. I'm sure Richard Phillips thinks they've done some good, so do the people of Sumatra and Indonesia. I can also tell you that we have built roads, dams, infrastructure, provided medicine that saved thousands if not millions of children's lives. We have paid for food relief during droughts and countless other humanitarian actions. The Karma scales are weighted on both sides.

What I and many others are guilty of is wading into a disgustingly gray situation with no idea of how to fix it. Is that having blood on my hands? Maybe, but instead of going home or quitting, I did my best to fix it. The triggers pulled were against those trying to kill me first. The same guys who would and sometimes did kill any decent Afghan who stood up for their family, or offered a patrol some bread and tea because their extraordinary sense of hospitality commands it.

Look, I have nothing against you for being angry, you should be. But your anger is profoundly misdirected. Even RP voted for the initial invasion of Afghanistan. RP as you might recall, spent two years in the air force during Vietnam. Blood on his hands? Yeah, the blood of those people whose lives he saved as a flight surgeon. Peace movement, end foreign intervention, open real investigations into the decisions we've been making, rock on. There's nothing peaceful about turning the gun around and starting a war in the other direction. The military is one of the few organizations in this country who still believes in the constitution, including civilian control. That's a huge reason the population is so profoundly disconnected from us. Your fight may include some of us, but as sexy as a simple solution is, there's a hell of a lot more to the problem than that.