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does it say about greenhouses? Can they be attached to the home? There is no substitute for the sun, especially when the power pill comes. If you had a solarium attached to your house that would seem to be ideal. Believe me when I tell you that you don't want to get a whole bunch of lights and air conditioners if you don't have to.
If it were me, I'd have a solarium with a stained concrete floor and a drain, and dirt in containers. Beginners are usually advised to start out using dirt. It is much more forgiving of mistakes than hydroponics because the plants react less quickly. If you have a pump go out or mix your nutrients wrong, it can devastate the whole thing pretty quickly.
I'd have 6 (or 12) gigantic Christmas trees with a reading chair right in the middle.
BTW, do you need a roommate for the summers? I don't take up much space, and am fun to party with....;)

Seriously though. Congrats on getting your laws passed. I have a friend who is working on some large scale projects there. (Stuff that would make your jaw drop) I want to go and visit just to see it in all its glory.