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I was surprised to see that too GB...

...but it seems to have spurred a lot of discussion, and I'm sure there are plenty of libertarian values we can relate to and apply...

As mentioned above, why aren't more industries allowed to opt out of wage control requirements? I'm sure many of us agree people should be able to engage in wage contracts which all parties agree to as many times the under-skilled and young workers are priced out of the market or those low skill jobs simply disappear or go underground.

Then there's the tax exempt status of her alleged church as someone else below brought up...why can't more of us be tax exempt?

Then there's the compensation for productivity aspect of tipping which seems to promote harder work for bigger payoffs...though I despise the expectation or entitlement feeling often display when waiters talk to each other, but again, that's more to do with the entire system. If every business operated in similar fashion, it wouldn't be an issue.

Then there's the entertainment got to even go you commenting!

What other libertarian situations or lessons can be examined? I'm sure there are several others.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!