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Comment: Oh good lord

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Oh good lord

For those that haven't even gone back and looked at some of the idiocy that Lyndon LaRouche has posted please do your homework.

Good lord, it doesn't take even 10 mins to find all the nonsense that LaRouche has quote that was a lie. The Mail fraud was from his run for president, he was stealing credit card info to fund his presidential campaign.

"While lenders were being told there were no "discretionary" funds to repay their loans, the group spent $4.2 million on real estate in Virginia and thousands more on "improvements" for LaRouche's 200-acre Leesburg estate, according to testimony. The improvements included a $97,000 pond, swimming pool and horse riding ring.

Nine lenders, who said they were attracted by what was described as LaRouche's "war on drugs," testified that they gave a total of $661,300 to the organization and were repaid only about $10,000. Those loans are "just a very small portion of unrepaid borrowing" by the group, prosecutor Markham told the jury in his closing argument."

LaRouche has been around for years and STILL people are to lazy to do their own research about this idiot, then start the whole...... "Well prove it" insanity.

I am not hear to prove or disprove Lyndon (I am GOD's anointed messenger and I can do whatever I like) LaRouche. Go do your own damn research. If at ANY TIME you can find something to the contrary, post it, but don't attack me because you are to lazy to do the work yourself.