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Hi Michael,

I got to thinking and have to laugh at myself...just like an old person to make a conversation into something about themselves lol :)

I pretty much put what I am thinking out there though, even if it is a bit personal. That is just me.

I knew you weren't dissin' us old folks. After all, 90 is getting old when you hit 50, so surely you were talking about the 90 year olds!

Anyways, I was thinking of a post when the words young came to my mind. That is my problem, I forget my age, and today I remembered :)

What really struck me funny a couple of years back was that I was married to a 50 year old. That was a very strange thought :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I'll have to put up one of those young posts on the 19th of April and let all my Friends in Liberty know that I have 50 candles on the cake...

Time marches on...Long live the Daily Paul and Michael Nystrom...I read your comment about your mom's WWII remembrances. It is hard to realize the horror that people have lived thru. I am glad she made it through as you have touched my life in a special way.

Aries, my friend, but the Bible is the Lamp unto my feet and Light unto my path so I don't worry about the stars. :)