Comment: Northern Arizona cops take note, Yavapai county

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Northern Arizona cops take note, Yavapai county

We know of your affiliations with biker gangs. Especially Chino Valley.

Why are Hell's Angels (hi Sonny you criminal) and Vagos are tolerated here. We know some of you (especially Chino Valley) are hooked up which means you are drug pushers and pimps. We know. Small town. We know some of your names and yes, we can implicate you in crimes.

YES WE CAN. You really think your badge makes you invincible? Well we might just see about that.

Iron Knight pansies might come over and get a taste of what's in store for you if you get tired of forceably detaining women and beating up on bar patrons and scaring off tourists that feed our legitimate local economy.

And you make me laugh. You want to be part of an M/C? What a great start you have wearing chapparals and acting like little painted ponies at the parade with flowers in your hair.

Let me tell you something from the old school: the Arizona Law Enforcer's badge is a 5 pointed star and not the shield you wear. Each of those 5 points has a specific meaning. Your shield is just that: just a shield and guess what?


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.