Comment: The story seems to be. Waitstaff gets $0 wages after taxes.

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The story seems to be. Waitstaff gets $0 wages after taxes.

They are taxed 15% whether the get a tip or not.

But that is beside the point.

"May I help you?" Why do people think this is an empty contract.

She brings your food, keeps the drinks filled and brings the condiments on request and so on.

An offer was made to serve, The customer accepts the service.

The waitress fulfilled her contract.

The customer decides the value of the service. Is one who does not tip in breach of contract?

Does anyone think that the waitress busted butt for the exercise?

If there were no service rendered then then there is no contract.

If the waitress does harm by spilling soup on your trousers, the that is a different matter.

Granted the fee for service for large groups is an odd case. Others have told the tale of large groups that need furniture rearranged then skeedaddle without leaving any gratuity for service rendered.

Wnen the waitress asked "May I serve you," the posted terms of 18% were accepted when the service was accepted.

Free includes debt-free!