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If she's a pastor

Why doesn't she give GOD her all, 100%. I realize this is about money, but it doesn't bode well. Why would a pastor only write "I give GOD 10%?" I understand a tithe to a church is 10%, which is one reason why I don't support organized religion (although I do support people who find organized religion helpful) but why not write I give god my 100% and you didn't give me 100%? That's what a real church leader would say. Why only give 10% worship?

It was a gratuity charge for a party of eight. Less than $7. I'm sure she could support this with her front operation. I'm a "Reverend" myself (not too hard to do through ULC) and would never do something like that. I could take advantage and get tax breaks and parking passes and other garbage, but it's just a certificate, much like hers. Some people take advantage. I have morals. I'm definitely not perfect, and my status as a Reverend is just a piece of paper and yet not sacrilegious as I live by the golden rule.

I rarely eat out, maybe a few times a year. I only dine out when I can afford a very good tip. Just me and my son I always tip that much for a $25 meal, so long as they are friendly and provide a good service, typically more. I tip up to 1/3 of the bill. If the food is crummy, get a new plate. The server is not the cook. And if I don't like that food and send it back and get a better dish, I tip even more, because the server went beyond their call of duty.

18% is below VAT tax. Last time I was in France I think it was 21% or 24%, but you don't tip. Pretty sure most major restaurant chains have a gratuity charge of around 18% for parties of eight or more. If you don't like it, don't eat there.

There's always the free market.

I also e-mailed applebees. This waitress should either get her job back or better yet stop working for applebees with her newfound glory but work for an independent more upscale restaurant which pays better and has better management.