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I made mention of the same back in late November of 2011

When Rand was opposing the indefinite detention stuff in the NDAA....I wrote: " The UNalienable rights, so mentioned in our Declaration of Independence are rights that come from our Creator; they are...rights that NO MAN may put a lien against...note also, that the word Creator is singular, and also the sentiment expressed means this Creator is higher than Caesar.

When Rand speaks about the suspension of certain rights; he speaks(I believe) of INalienable rights...rights that can be created, granted, and rescinded(or suspended) by a government.This threat of unlawful indefinite detainment, for undetermined reasons or suspicion of an affiliation with any organization under the Sun are a CLEAR violation of the Declaration of Independence, our UNalienable rights, and NOT permitted to be enforced or enacted upon us by the State...BUT...we all know, and fear; the State is going to do it anyway, because they(employ) are populated by, over-saturated by a majority of persons ignorant of the Creator/government/free individual relationship/hierarchy."