Comment: Makes me think of Mad Magazine

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Makes me think of Mad Magazine

Anyone else ever read that magazine? One of the things I remember was that on the cover it would put CHEAP next to whatever price they were selling it for. That's what I thought when I read about the price of Obamacare.

price: CHEAP!

"Regardless of the amount, the changing cover price of Mad has long been followed by the word "CHEAP!" Variants have occasionally appeared; following an increase from 25 to 30 cents, the successive issues claimed to be "CHEAP" (but X'd out), "CHEAP?", and "KINDA CHEAP." A rise to 40 cents sparked almost a year's worth of variations: "OUCH!" "OUTRAGEOUS!", "NO LAUGHING MATTER", "RELATIVELY CHEAP", "CHEAP (CONSIDERING)" and again, "CHEAP?" Other price increases were billed as "ALMOST CHEAP," "INFLATED!" and, for a cover featuring Bonnie and Clyde, "HIGHWAY ROBBERY."