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Makes perfect sense

Yes, it makes perfect sense.

Now I know why the public health system of the country I'm from has consistently spent millions of $$$ every year over the last 3 decades in national TV campaigns explaining how utterly harmful*** smoking is:

it's because France doesn't appear in either lists (while often strongly suggested it'd be somewhere in the first list, though, if I remember my 20s and 30s years well).

It makes perfect sense, now:

indeed, pure b.s. is yet another wonderful way to waste tax payer's money. By large (including through unprecedented taxation on cigarette packs... to fund "research", of course)

P.S. ***

1. I STRONGLY discourage anyone from ever starting. It can become a (nervous) addiction very difficult to get rid of. Hell I know what I'm talking about. No addiction/dependence is ever good; it's phrased in the Bible, so many times, in so many ways.

2. I don't claim it is harmless. I only question the official message's full extent.

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