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Comment: Smoking is healthier than fascism

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Smoking is healthier than fascism

•In a free society, the state does not regulate (and individuals exercise tolerance) when peaceful actions and voluntary transactions take place. Each individual in a free society has the right to choose if they desire to partake in "risky" activities or consume products such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In a free society, there is no place for the government (or individuals) to legislate or seek to control the voluntary behavior of others as long as the behaviors do not injure another person or damage someone else’s property. People who think it’s appropriate to choose for others are notoriously selfish. Their degree of tolerance of the desires of individuals who hold viewpoints that differ from their own is low or non-existent.

•Fewer than 10 percent of lifelong smokers will get lung cancer. Fewer yet will contract the long list of other cancers, such as throat or mouth cancers. In the game of risk, you're more likely to have a condom break than to get cancer from smoking. However, that the majority of smokers beat cancer doesn't make for effective anti-smoking campaigning.

•Tobacco cures depression, reduces stress, and relieves boredom.

•Smoking relieves constipation.

•Smoking, has calming and sedating effects. Without cigarettes many people would turn to pharmaceutical drugs.

•Nicotine is not as dangerous as alcohol...alcohol is a mood changer, and it works fast. An unlimited number of cigarettes can be smoked and a car can still be driven safely. The same can't be said about drinking 6 shots of booze. Alcohol also destroys families, screws up people's minds, and causes more lost work time than tobacco ever will.

•People that hassle smokers like to control others similar to how governments like to control its citizens. The Government does not care about its citizens health. It cares about money and controlling behavior. Attacks on smokers by individuals and by the government has nothing to do with smoking and everything to do with control.

•Smokers are often healthier than many of their non-smoking friends . Staying away from fast food restaurants and processed foods is far more important in maintaining a healthy body than simply not smoking.

•Big Pharma wants to wrestle the nicotine market away from tobacco companies. They want to monopolize the delivery of nicotine with their patches and pills, so cigarettes (and those who smoke them) are demonized at every opportunity. If you research this you'll find that Pharma spends astonishing amounts of money trying to capture this market. (they've bought and paid for every smoking ban in this country) They make an absolute killing on smoking cessation products, even though these therapies fail to help people quit smoking close to 100% of the time.

•The average life expectancy for smokers is higher than the general public (average death of smokers is 72 years old versus 69 for everyone combined). Only about 8% of smokers develop lung cancer, and 60% of those people don't get it until after normal life expectancy – just like everyone else who develops various forms of cancer.

•Second hand smoke kills fewer people than the flu, pneumonia, traffic accidents and many other things. The public health crusaders want us to believe that lung cancer can only be caused by cigarettes and that all smokers will die from this habit, which is false. Only 10% of smokers will die from lung cancer. The cigarette consumption in Greece is higher than in North America, but lung cancer is not. People in Finland are more likely to catch lung cancer than Americans even if they smoke half as much. Why don't we hear those facts from our politicians and the so-called interest groups fighting on our behalf? The answer is simple: people who fight tobacco use are not caring scientists but political activists who want to impose their lifestyle to all. Those tobacco fighters are supported by junk scientists and by politicians who seek votes by alarming people. This is not to say that tobacco is 100% risk-free, but certainly not as risky as health bureaucrats want you to believe. And even if tobacco was as bad as some say, should the state regulate its consumption? The answer is no. The mission of a state (if any) should never be to try to modify personal preferences.

•Smokers have significantly lower instances of Alzheimer's.

•Smoking and nicotine affect your “fight or flight” mechanism.Studies show it reduces irrational fear.

•There are 15 countries that have a higher percentage of regular smokers than the USA. Every one of those 15 countries have a higher average life expectancy than we do. The conclusion of the study indicated that the stress associated with our rapid pace and consumption oriented society causes more damage to our bodies than cigarette smoking does. As mentioned above, smoking is universally considered by smokers to help control the stress of everyday life in the USA.

•Studies show that people who take a smoke break are much more productive because they have a chance to relax and chill and thus, not so stressed out. Obviously, smoking is a relaxant to many. Better than Prozac - which is fluoride based. Many people that quit smoking after years of heavy use gain an unhealthy amount of weight (50+ lbs.) and then must deal with diabetes and heart failure, among other life-threatening illnesses.