Comment: Heartbreaking. My father came

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Heartbreaking. My father came

Heartbreaking. My father came to the same realization in the mid 70's. We still have Irwin Schiff's book, The Biggest Con, in hardcover. Ron Paul was a young congressman and a hero even then. In the early 80's my father.followed a similar course to yours while also conducting seminars to inform others. Yes, naivete caused him to be confident that truth and justice would prevail. Instead, it destroyed my family. He is now nearly 80 and is still angry and appalled and sees as clearly as you do the handwriting on the wall. Unfortunately, family members and extended family somehow blame him and refuse to believe and see the evil in our government and where this is all leading. I salute your courage and thank you for sharing your story. I shed tears again tonight for you and your family, for my family, for the Schiffs, for the idea of America.