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powerful lesson on cell phone cameras, the internet, and blowback. Cheap ass pastor knows from the menu that a gratuity is almost always added for larger parties.

I always try to tip at least 20-25% but I don't eat out that much. I treated my stepdad to a jaw dropping seafood dinner the other night in anticipation of this diet we have all embarked on. It was a good "last hoorah." Lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, buttered everything, key lime pie, triple chocolate brownie, and some apple thing with ice cream and caramel....mmmmmm..Our waiter gave us the desserts for free for some reason, so I made his tip 25% (cash, so no IRS).

Now it's

Lemon Juice
Bentonite Clay
Kale Smoothies
No wheat
Limited sugar.
blechh...I am starting to feel better though.