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False capitalists

Whenever you are in the shoes of someone seeing RED when you hear the words socialist then you can know what someone thinks when they hear the word capitalist.

Both words are currently false.

Very few people know the VOLUNTARY or genuine versions of either capitalism or socialism, I'd say roughly 1% of the population understand the difference between voluntary capitalism/socialism and involuntary captitalism/socialism

Think of if this way:

Voluntary capitalism means a true free market that is free from all forms of crime as in voluntary capitalism crime just does not pay well.

Voluntary socialism is the study of society and the first thing that is found to be true is that voluntary capitalism works as advertized by people who speak the truth.

Involuntary capitalism is already well represented by the Fascism that is measured very well by all the people who died as a result of the Nazi regime; which was financed by Central Bankers/Wall Street.

Involuntary socialism is already well represented by the Communism that is measure very well by all the people who died as a result of the Bolshevik regime; which was finance by Central Bankers/Wall Street.

One is one thing, the other is not the same thing, and who benefits when anyone confuses any one thing for the other?

I'm going to grab a quote from that to see if it rings true (from the site you linked):

"At the end of the war the United States was the only major nation not shattered in the global conflict. It emerged as the world's preeminent economic, military, and financial power. For the US, the half-century from 1945 to the mid-1990s was an era of spectacular economic growth and unmatched global stature."

That is the most important information I found in that one article on that web site.

The War shifted the World Reserve Currency (fraud and extortion) POWER from England to U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) AS PLANNED.

That moving of the base of operations keeps the victims in the dark.

I call it the reset button. When the computer (The actual productive people) become too powerful (taking over the control of the computer) the operators of Political Economy hit the resent button, which is World War, so as to consume a whole lot of power, and to shift power from those who earn it to those who cause the wars, profit from the wars, and make off like bandits, laughing all the way to their ONE central bank.

They tell us to call the enemy communists, and if we are told that, then we listen, and we obey, and we do so without question, you know: "just following orders".

They tell us to call the enemy fascists, and we do the same thing, the same routine: blind obedience to falsehood without question.

Now they have a new set of rules after the RESET BUTTON was pushed to make World War II.

They tell us to call the enemy socialists, we see RED on cue.

They tell the other side to call us capitalists, they see RED on cue.

What that link does not mention is the money trail, as the source of funding for World War II was definitively Wall Street as Wall Street and The Central Bank then known as The FED was already "the world's preeminent economic, military, and financial power", not officially, the targets don't get the official notice until after the war.

What that link does not mention is the Wall Street connection, including the connection between I.G. Farben of Germany and Standard Oil of New Jersey - where the Nazi regime was given the POWER to make synthetic oil out of coal to run their military without having to depend upon imported petroleum that Germany did not control.

Germany had a lot of coal.

I.G. Farben needed The Formula that efficiently maps out the process for producing motor fuel out of coal. The deal was made to only allow the Nazi's to make synthetic oil, gasoline, and aviation fuel. No one else on the planet was allowed to make fuel out of coal Patents Pending you know.

"(That person also told me to look at the Leuchter Report which denies Auschitz)"

I am convinced that the Zionist Regime imposed upon the Jews is a continuation of Nazi policy to exterminate the Jews, or anyone, anywhere, that could expose, and thereby threaten, the ONE LEGAL MONEY FRAUD AND EXTORTION POWER.

I was not at Auschwitz but I have a book and a quote that sound, or rings too true, to me:

"The construction of I.G. Auschwitz has assured I.G. a unique place in business history. By adopting the theory and practice of Nazi morality, it was able to depart from the conventional economics of slavery in which slaves are traditionally treated as capital equipment to be maintained and serviced for optimum use and depreciated over a normal life span. Instead, I.G. reduced slave labor to a consumable raw material, a human ore from which the mineral of life was systematically extracted. When no usable energy remained, the living dross was shipped to the gassing chambers and cremation furnaces of the extermination center at Birkenau, where the S.S. recycled it into the German war economy – gold teeth for the Reichsbank, hair for mattresses, and fat for soap. Even the moans of the doomed became a work incentive, exhorting the remaining inmates to greater effort.

"Conditions were such that sickness was a pervasive fact of life among the inhabitants of Monowitz. The hospital wards built by I.G. were so inadequate that even the S.S. suggested additional wards be built. I.G. refused because of the cost."

So, sure, many "capitalists" are going to have a need to censor the truth about exactly what we pay for when we use the ONE MONEY.