Comment: The answer: No

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The answer: No

Wise suggestion: Quit reading [CIA] Henry Makow(/SaveTheMales)

You'll thank me later.

ps. "They" won't sacrifice Beyonce. She is likely going to be a future 1st Lady. Why do you think Jay-Z is schmoozing with Barack Obama, having dinners with Bill Clinton, etc.?! He's going to run for POTUS (I believe in 2016, but perhaps 2020, at the latest.) And for you few, select, conspiracy-minded DailyPaul users who will downvote this out of spite (without thinking before you vote,) I'm one of the most conspirational-minded people you could ever meet. Again, the answer is NO. Now quit reading Henry Makow's(/SaveTheMales) CIA-created nonsense. And if you like football, enjoy the game. :)