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That's interesting to hear...

I'd expect that a person who knew someone would respond to my signature with: "WTF, what kind of psychotropic drugs are you on man? My (insert relative/friend name here) died you freakin' psycho!"

It seems that oftentimes those who 'know' victims are just a little more level-headed and matter-of-fact about having a 'tragedy' like 9-11 hit so close to home. Oh wells. Tis good to not let emotions get the best of us.

Feel free to drop names of your kindergarten acquaintance's mom or the dad of a family who lives near you. I guess we can just say the dad is technically your neighbor, unless the dad was so frequently away from the family that lives near you that you didn't consider that so. I'm glad your acquaintance's contacts are only two degrees from you and not six. I'd be thoroughly confused if you were talking about a friend's father's cousin's neighbor's mailman's wife for example. Anyways, I may have some time to do some research & investigation if you don't mind. I still haven't come across a 'victim'(or vicsim as some call it) that I'm convinced is real and so I continue to ask "Did anyone die on 9-11?" The same holds for the Sandy Hook Hoax.

Anyways.. btw I'd like to get a DP reception rating like yours. That's pretty impressive. You've got to give me a few tips sometime. I got a lot of work to do I guess.... cheers.

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?

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