Comment: You have missed the point.

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You have missed the point.

The victims are real. I can almost guarantee that people actually died (they love to kill people).

What you're not understanding is that the people who died WERE SPECIFICALLY PLACED INTO THE SCHOOL TO BE KILLED.

The families are fake. The names are fake. The circumstances of their lives are fake. But the kids were real. Most likely mind-controlled children (and teachers) who were groomed to be victims in this tragedy.

You must understand that this world is run by a cult of generationally brainwashed mind slaves who have been ritually abused and forced into developing dissociative disorders since birth. The "families" are likely mind-controlled themselves, trained to play this part. The victims were likely orphans or "expendables" who were raised for this purpose. They were blood sacrifices to give "power" to the agenda.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, I recommend reading the articles of "Svali", the book "Thanks for the Memories" by Brice Taylor (Susan Ford), and the countless other books and references about ritual abuse, government mind control, and the Illuminati.

They WANT you to believe that no one was killed. That way, you look crazy in the eyes of anyone who might actually consider the evidence, thereby establishing the familiar "conspiracy theorist" mental block in the listener.

Granted, I fully realize that what I'm saying sounds even crazier. But hey, it's the truth, and the truth IS crazy. It only hurts us to mention the supposition that "no one died". That's their gameplan. Recognize it.

Over and out.