Comment: As a pharmacist I can say

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As a pharmacist I can say

Many of the students in pharmacy school started to realize the unintended consequences of medications as we were exposed more and more to people on a large number of medications. It starts to become painfully obvious that the line between risk and reward is not always that clear.

Unfortunately, most don't really get it, or if they do get it they don't put the time into looking beyond what is spoon-fed to them via professors and big pharma. Those that get "it" usually use their position as a platform to influence the public in a positive way by informing people of natural/herbal remedies, encouraging a minimal use of prescriptions, and by emphasizing just how much staying physically fit and active matters. I don't wrestle with my conscience much because I know I'm directing people in a better direction than your run of the mill pharmacist that'll point you to isle 6 and give you the generic, only because it nets more profit, and then rush you out because with lowered reimbursements you have to herd people through faster and faster.

To be the devil's advocate on the subject though, as much as I'd like to say that everyone in the pharmaceutical industry is out to screw the public over and charge as much as they can I really think that it's not the case. 95% of the people really are trying to help, but the other 5% are the ones that withhold information/manipulate it just to benefit themselves or point the 95% down the path of developing a "me too" drug instead of a real innovation, etc.

As time goes on I understand George Carlin's words more and more when he said "...they have like interests, they don't need to call a meeting because they know what is good for them".

I witnessed it at the RNC in Florida and was floored at how what I had called "conspiracy" before, was little more than power-hungry SOB's trying their hardest to stomp out anything that threatened their spot at the feeding trough.

I can't wait until the tables turn and great things happen for Liberty because...we have like interests, we don't need to call a meeting because we know what's good for the People!!!

With that I'll take my last sip of whiskey and call it a night.

For Liberty,