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Comment: Hagel isn't doing anything we did prior to 2001

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Hagel isn't doing anything we did prior to 2001

The thing is, Hagel knows the containment policy works and the Bush doctrine doesn't. Obama is ready to ditch the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war as a failure. This is a plus for him if he succeeds and a major failure for war profiteers. What we are looking at is war as a last resort vs. war as Russian roulette. If Hagel gets in you won't have any invasion of Iran, ever. They'll get the bomb, they'll never be able to deploy it without being obliterated, and if Israel goes into Iran, the U.S. will save potentially millions of lives by staying OUT OF IT. Neocons fear this because they signed the AIPAC card to get elected. Hagel is a US Senator not an Israeli Senator so he is getting a lot of flack from the lunatic wing of the GOP.