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Comment: This is ridiculous. I'm an

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This is ridiculous. I'm an

This is ridiculous. I'm an atheist but my parents are Pentecostals who believe women should not be preachers... and I agree for whatever reason. I'm not sure why. But this might help my argument. I know for a fact my mother gives 10% but then again they have a tiny church and I'm sure it's hell trying to get people in there since their long time pastor died a few years ago. I don't really know because I always refuse invitations to go back there.

My point is women should not be preachers, and bitches like her especially should be kicked in the head. That's pretty much all I have to say.

So you give 10% to God and....?

That makes you immune to the rest of society?

Fuck the whore Christian Supremacist.