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I tip 20% at least. Usually

I tip 20% at least. Usually more. I dunno what is wrong with people. I'm poor as shit but I know they need their tips. A person of "God" is gonna deny someone their already due, printed out, included in your party's price "gratuity"? And let's not call this a tip. It's called a gratuity. When a restaurant has to expend one of their employees on a large party and thus they are not able to serve other tables, they want to make sure that their employee is properly compensated. Thus it is a gratuity, not a tip. It is automatically added to the bill. So that bitch "preacher" should shut her fucking mouth and pay up like any other normal, nice, honest person. If she wants to pay 10% of her already derived from other people's 10% to God then so be it. Keep it to yourself and and pay your tab and move on, asshole.

BTW, Why does the pastor pay 10% when everyone else's 10% is paying her salary? What is her 10% going to? How stupid.