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Lighten Up

You sound radical and obsessed. As far as my post about Michael's Picture it was making fun of the idiot schools that suspend kids for nothing because they are a bunch of RADICAL gun haters. Maybe you don't get IRONY. There is more to the message of liberty than banging people over the heads with the need to be involved. Although I am not very good at waking people up it's not for lack of trying. I spend a lot of time on DP looking for stuff to show people to try to get them to come out of their self induced comas and realize what is going on around them. Not all of us are in a position to go out and become big time activists. I recently started having to take care of an invalid relative so I am house bound to this person almost 24/7. There are people here with all kinds of different circumstances. DP is a forum of liberty minded people. Not programmed zombies with one goal in mind. Again I say, lighten up. Forgive me if I sound harsh but you started it.