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There is not only room for humor, there is need for humor. Let me tell you a little about people.
In 2007, I started making phone calls looking for Idaho's Ron Paul supporters, and they were crawling out of the woodwork. GWB announced a bank bailout and I tried to get the 200 - 300 members of the RP meetup to go downtown and protest. 8 of us showed up. All winter long, sign waves were held, usually about 3 of us were there. When we caught on to the PCP strategy, I started a statewide precinct map and started trying to fill them. I gave them slim jims to hand out and told them they HAD to go door to door. About a dozen people did.
Political activists are a rare breed. And, even national issues really need addressed state by state - you call your own Congressman and Senator.
Get yourself email lists, but ASK PERMISSION. "Liberty lovers" have been spammed to death and are pretty tired of getting email with "end of the world" language in all caps for the subject. Many of us gave up on politics, you are just not going to get me to give my time or money to someone who wants a position of power over me. I will hassle politicians, but how many DP folks are going to call Idaho's politicians? You need a list of Idaho people who are willing to make phone calls and send emails to Idaho politicians. Those are MUCH easier to find than New Yorkers who will call Idaho politicians or Idahoans who will do anything that involves sticking their neck out. Mind you, these folks are not cowards, they already put giant targets on their backs playing politics and have moved on to more effective tactics. If you enjoy politics, there is no reason to stop playing but you need to look further than politics, too.
You are not far from me - about 2 hours. If you ever want to come up and spend a day in the mountains, we can talk.

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